Sunday, May 10, 2015

How To Do An Offering

I've  never thought about trying to explain to anyone how to make an offering to the God and/or Goddess that the person is worshipping. I feel like it's a very personal thing and something that comes straight from the heart of the individual who is performing the ritual. However, I was asked this question by a friend of mine and did not realize that maybe people needed some inspiration about how to give an offering to their deity.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to do an offering for those who may need a little inspiration. These ideas are based on similar offerings that I have performed in the past. I'm leaving these ideas in a brief format so people can place their own personal touches on them without being influenced too heavily by my words. I do believe these are very personal gestures.

1.) Burning incense, candles, and/or herbs.

2.) Offering water, wine, milk, or other substance to the Earth.

3.) Offering pure intentions, thoughts, and/or your love.

4.) Offering food such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.

You may even wish to offer food, herbs, or other symbols that represent the Sabbat or deities you are worshipping. These are just a few ideas to offerings you may wish to make but your offerings don't always have to be tangible. They can simply be your loving thoughts.