Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tips on Wording Your Spells

When creating your spells, the words you speak are just as powerful, if not more so, than the elements you use such as candles, colors, etc. Before casting spells of my own, I like to make sure I have all the things I need and also go ahead and write out what I want to say. On Full Moons, I let the words come to me while I'm in my Circle but I always have a paper and pen ready to write down what I say.

Here are a few things you should think about when wording your spells:

Choose your words wisely!
Whatever you send out, it will come back to you 3 fold. When casting your spells try to make them specific to your needs. Think of it as telling someone directions to an unknown destination. You don't want them to get lost along the way and take a wrong turn so make your directions specific to the goal you wish to accomplish.

Don't cast out of anger!
If you are upset, angry, or feel resentment, wait until those emotions subside. You don't want to have any negativity come from your words. They are powerful and the more emotion you have behind them the more powerful they will be. This includes those negative emotions. Wait until you are in the right frame of mind and have calmed down. (Please be aware that I do not advocate curses, hexes, or any of the sort.)

Speak from the heart!
Don't be shy when asking for what you want. Cast boldly and strongly. Be assertive. Don't use passive words and incorporate action words.

Be poetic!
With my spells, I make them rhyme. Rhyming adds rhythm, tone, and creativity to your spells. You most certainly don't have to be poetic with your spells but this is something I do because I feel it creates an energy with the words. It makes them sound almost like chanting and they're easier to remember if you're not writing them down.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is strongly connected to the heart. It is known as the "love stone". Its vibration is so powerful and emits so much energy that it will not only effect you but all those who you are surrounded by. It aids in healing and creating stronger relationships and is connected to unconditional love, warmth, joy, and healing. It helps to kindle romance and sensuality as well.

You may use this crystal for physical and emotional healing. It may heal negative emotions that you've been holding onto such as anger and resentment.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Things To Do During A Full Moon

Here are a few simple things you can do to make your Full Moon experience magickal!
  • Cleanse and recharge your crystals! (What I like to do is place them in a large bowl of water for purification and add sea salt to absorb the negativity. Then I say a little prayer over them and leave them out on my windowsill for the night to absorb the energy from the moon)
  • Do divination! (This would be a good time for tarot card readings, rune stone readings, and crystal ball readings. If you have a new set of tarot cards or rune stones, this would be a great time to become acquainted with them!)
  •  Try this! If you have a moonstone, use it during meditation to induce visions of your past lives! It can also aid you in seeing visions of your future.
  • Take a relaxing salt bath to help put in a peaceful state of mind and cleanse your body! It will help balance your energies and help maintain emotional health. Try adding Lavender!
  • Meditate upon a white candle to help gain insight and perspective and reduce your level of stress!
  • Do a ritual! Perform a ritual to aid you in good fortune, health, love or happiness!
  • Prayer! Thank the God and Goddess for all the things they have done for you!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Full Moon experience! Blessed be! )O( 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Herbs for Peace

Try using these herbs when casting spells for peace or use them to create herbals teas that induce a state of peacefulness.



Tyrannical giants ancient times arose,
spawn of love, threats did pose.
Devoured children, salvation for one,
born of thunder, the Titan's son.

Struggle for divine power soon lost,
war of idols over creation fought.
Despair of mortals tremble in fear,
apocalyptic warnings of the end near.

Catastrophic nature and demonic fright,
raining fire in deep starless night.
Ravage Earth and glory of all,
bring down the Titan's barricading wall.

Raise the clouds and sound the winds,
darken the skies and hail descends.
Forest of fires, mountains fall,
crush the people, the good of all.

Brutal battle of blood begins,
pray to the Gods, worship their sins.
Anger desecrates Earth's design,
death for all, chose which side.

Kill the harvest and drown the moon,
enrage the waves, the Siren's tune.
Crack of thunder and flash of light,
Olympus ablaze, the flames white.

Cage thy fathers, keep them barred,
to Tartarus imprisoned and charred.
Reigning champions take the throne,
Bring back the sun, defeated by thy own.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is composed of several types of minerals which include lazurite, pyrite, and calcite. It's said that this stone helps immensely with communication in the verbal sense. It can aid us in relaying our thoughts in more coherent forms and decreases the chance of getting "our tongues tied". It encourages clear expression of emotions and thoughts, even when we are angry.

It also provides wisdom and helps us connect to our spiritual guides. This stone also helps with intuition and shields us from negativity.

I Hear You Calling

Band: Chalice and Blade
Song: I Hear You Calling


Positive and Negative Energy

People can be just as easily affected by their own energy as the projection of energy from others. For me, I try to keep a cool, calm, and collected mind and thus this is the energy that I project to others. Have you ever felt annoyance at someone who is in a bad mood? The energy surrounding them affects your energy. When someone is projecting negative energy one can feel it and are likely to have the energy surrounding them contaminated with negativity.

Try to keep your thoughts and your mind in a positive place to keep your energy positive. You can avoid people who give off negativity or you can protect yourself from it with crystals such as hematite which is said to absorb negativity so that it does not harm you.

Never perform rituals or spells in a negative or angry state of mind. Wait for your mind to clear, and cleanse yourself before hand. A Circle is a positive place and only positive energy should be allowed to dwell there.

How to Cast a Ritual Circle

So what is this Circle that I'm constantly talking about on here? What is it's purpose and why is it used during rituals? Well to answer those questions, a Circle is a space that is made sacred. It is a space that resides in the abstract and separates you from the material world. Technically, it is not even shaped like a circle but like a sphere. It surrounds you from all sides including above and below. It is built from the energy you direct and is to protect us and rid our space of negativity and ill will.

This provides a safe haven for us to perform our rituals within and increase their strength with positive forces. The Circle lies in a plane of its own away from the pressures of everyday life and the physical/material world around us. I like to think that when I enter a Circle or cast one that I am entering a spiritual realm, one that is sacred and good. Almost, the equivalent of what a Christian feels when they enter church. They're upon Holy ground and they recognize that space as Holy.

A Circle is a gateway; it is a door to the microcosm that you create within the macrocosm. The diameter should be laid in multiple of 3's and there should be no more than 13 coven members within a Circle of 9 ft. in diameter.

These are simple steps in creating a sacred Circle for your spells or rituals to protect you and help guide your magick to its final purpose.

When creating a Circle we start in the East and make our way around. When we banish the Circle we end in the East. The East represents the rising sun or morning, the South represents midday, the West represents evening, and the North represents midnight.

We will first start by gathering together the supplies you will need. This will include: a bowl of salt, a bowl of water, incense, and a red candle to represent the four elements. You may want to ring or outline your Circle with stones or tea lites. Also, you will need candles that represent the 4 Guardians or Watchtowers. A green candle for Earth to the East, a red candle for Fire to the South, a blue candle for Water to the West, and a white or yellow candle for Air to the North.

Note: for different traditions, these directions and elements may be switched around so follow whatever your tradition tells you to do. In my tradition (Welsh/Celtic), North is Air, East is Earth, South is Fire, and West is Water.

Once you have gathered these supplies be sure to cleanse them and if you haven't already done so to consecrate them. I have another post on how this is done. You may set the items on your altar. Go ahead and lay the Watchtower candles in their respected directions around your Circle.

First, you will take the bowl of salt and bring it with you to the East. Be sure to always walk deosil (clockwise) around your Circle and when you are within your Circle.

Stand to the East and make your way around the Circle three times outlining your circle in salt. As you do this repeat this saying each time you make a complete circle so you will say it 3 times:

"Creature of Salt, where thou art cast,
no spell or adverse purpose last,
not in complete, accord with me,
as I do will, so mote it be."

Set the bowl of salt upon the altar and pick up the red candle and light it. Start in the East and circle 3 times, each time saying:

"Creature of Fire, this charge I lay,
no evil in thy presence stay,
not in complete, accord with me,
as I do will so mote it be."

Set the candle down upon the altar and pick up the bowl of water. Start in the East and circle 3 times sprinkling water as you go, each time saying:

"Creature of Water, where thou art cast,
no spell or adverse purpose last,
not in complete accord with me,
as I do will, so mote it be."

Set the bowl of water upon the altar and pick up the incense and light it. Start in the East and circle 3 times, each time saying:

"Creature of Air, this charge I lay,
no evil in thy presence stay,
not in complete accord with me,
as I do will, so mote it be."

Set the incense upon your altar. Now you may call upon the Guardians or Watchtowers to assist you and complete your Circle. For this you will use your athame to direct energy. You will start in the East and go to South, West, and North. You may call upon the direction and element to assist you by asking them to bestow their gifts upon the ritual and members or if your tradition has a specific God/Goddess associated with that direction then you may call upon them to help you. Be sure to welcome them.

Once you have completed this for each direction, your Circle has been cast and you are ready to begin your ritual! Now let's talk about opening your Circle which is done once you have completed your ritual and you are ready to leave. To do this you will walk counterclockwise around your Circle starting in the North and ending in the East.

Starting in the North you will release the Guardian you called upon in that direction and thank them for their presence within your Circle. You will do this for each direction until the last one is released in the East. Be sure to thank them for their assistance with your magick as this is very important. How would you feel if you were helping someone and they didn't thank you? You wouldn't feel too good and you wouldn't want to help them again so be sure to say thank you!

Some Sources:
The Way by Rhuddlwn Gawr

Saturday, February 23, 2013

For the Love of All Who Gather

Song: For The Love Of All Who Gather
Artist: S. J. Tucker
Album: Blessings


Cleansing and Consecrating Ritual Tools and Items

After awhile, sacred tools and items can become impure and full of negative energy that will severely hinder their magickal effects and may not work the way they're supposed to. So to relieve them of their negativity, we cleanse and consecrate them. So how do we go about doing this? Well, there are several ways. In this post, I'll explain how to cleanse and consecrate sacred items.

Some people associate cleansing and consecrating as the same thing. However, I separate them because cleansing, to me, means to purify and wash away negativity. In a literal sense, consecration means to "associate with the sacred". Therefore, I associate consecration as blessing and charging the tool for its intended purpose.

First, we will start with cleansing:

I'll first start by talking about the simplest way to do this, at least to me it is. Gather together some crushed sage (not powdered), or you can buy whole leaf sage and crush it with a mortar and pestle. Sage has cleansing properties that rid spaces, people, and items of negativity. Place the sage into a bowl and make sure you have enough so that it will burn and smoke properly throughout the ritual. Crushed sage will produce more smoke.

Take the item you wish to cleanse and pass it through the smoke and make sure to flip the item over to completely submerge it. As you do this you may want to say something like this, "I cleanse thee of impurities, and I rid thee of negativity. By the God and Goddess, so mote it be." Say this 3 times.

Another way to cleanse a tool or item, is to take a bowl of water and a bowl of sea salt and sprinkle both over it. Water supplies the purifying quality while sea salt absorbs the negativity. I would not suggest this method for metal tools/items, or those that you do not want to get wet in general. If you choose to do it this way, then take 3 pinches of sea salt to sprinkle and say something similar to what was previously stated. Then dip your fingers 3 times into the water to sprinkle over the item and say that you cleanse and purify the item once more.

Your tool/item should be thoroughly cleansed and rid of its negativity now.

Now, we will look into how to consecrate tools/items:

Consecrating tools takes a little more effort than cleansing. Before consecrating a tool/item you may want to cast a Circle according to your tradition. Once you have decided on that, you will need to have things that represent the four elements. What I like to use to represent the elements are incense for Air, a bowl of sea salt for Earth, a red candle for Fire, and a bowl of water for, of course, Water. Once you have these things to represent the elements, take your tool/item that you wish to consecrate and pass them over each element.

Pass over Earth and say: "By fire, water, earth, and air..."
Pass over Fire and say: "Baneful spirits need beware..."
Pass over Water and say: "Art thou made pure oh treasure trove..."
Pass over Air and say: "Here within this sacred grove."

Then say: "So mote it be."

You could also say the whole saying over each element individually if you wish.

Note: Once you've consecrated your athame, you can use this tool to help you in consecrating other items as well.

The Way by Rhuddlwn Gawr.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Basic Tools of Wicca

Here's a little Wicca 101 for everyone. It's important that before casting your first Circle or performing your first spell to know about the common tools of the trade, what they're used for, and what they represent. Here's a list of some of those tools. Take note that you don't have to have all these tools present in order to cast a spell or perform a ritual but it's highly recommended.

Let's start out with Primary Tools:

Pentacle -- the pentacle is a disk that sits upon the altar table which is typically engraved with a pentagram within a circle. However, your pentacle can also be engraved with other magickal symbols and sigils of your choice which correspond to the ritual or spell taking place. The pentacle represents the element of Earth and is associated with feminine energies. It is used to bless, consecrate, and energize ritual items or other ritual tools.

Wand -- the wand is usually made of a slender piece of wood obtained from a preferred tree source although it can be made of any material including metal and rock. It is about the length of the tip of one's middle finger to their elbow. It may or may not contain symbols of runes or other magickal symbols on the wand. It may or may not contain feathers, a crystal positioned on the tip, color, ribbon, etc. In Gardnerian Wicca, it represents the element of Air. However, in other traditions, such as Alexandrian Wicca, it represents the element of Fire. Either way, it represents the masculine energies.  Wands can be used to direct and project energy. It is said that it is used to summon elementals. It is also used as a way to communicate intentions to produce a material action, especially when used for spell work.

Athame -- an athame is usually a black handled, double edged, dagger of about 6-8 inches long. The handle may be inscribed and the edges can be dulled. An athame is never used for cutting and is only used for ritual purposes. In Gardnerian Wicca, it represents the element of Fire but in other traditions, such as Alexandrian, represents the element of Air. The athame represents masculine energies. Like the Wand, it is used to direct energy when casting a Circle and is used when calling upon the Quarters. It can also be used to control spirits. It is, in my opinion, the most important magickal tool.

Chalice -- the chalice, or goblet, is normally made of silver but can be made of other various metals, and is sometimes inscribed with symbols. It represents the element of Water and is associated with feminine energies. It is often said to represent the Goddess and her womb. It is used to hold wine, water, milk, juice, and other drinks that are used during rituals.

Now let's look at Other Tools:

Censor and Incense -- the censor is used to hold the incense that you are using for your ritual. Incense is typically used to symbolize the element of Air.

Besom -- the besom, or broom, is used to "sweep" away negativity from a sacred space when casting a Circle. It's also used in handfasting rites when couples jump over the broom to symbolize entering into a new phase of life.

Cauldron -- the cauldron is a small cast iron pot that can be inscribed with symbols. It represents the womb, sensuality, and fertility. It is used to burn incense, to hold candles, for making brews, and can be used for scrying.

Now, here are a few items that you may find of use to you:

Smudge Stick -- smudge sticks are normally made out of sage. They are burned and their smoke is wafted throughout the space with a feather as in Native American Culture. The smoke will cleanse and purify the area from any negativity that may be present.

Candles -- when performing rituals, candles are essential. Specific colored candles can be used to represent many different elements and are used to represent the Quarters, to represent characteristics in a spell, and to provide light to the darkness.

Altar Cloth -- this is a cloth that can be inscribed with symbols that is placed upon the altar. It can be used for decoration or the color and/or symbols can correspond with the ritual or spell being performed.

God/Goddess Statue -- these are statues that sit upon the altar. The Goddess is placed to the left and the God is placed to right. These placements represent polarity. The right is active and electrical while the left is receptive and magnetic.

Crystals & Herbs -- when performing rituals or spells, crystals and herbs with the corresponding healing or spiritual properties can be used to enhance effects. They can also be used as offerings.

Mortar & Pestle -- this consists of a bowl normally made of stone and a pestle which is used to crush herbs.

Sea Salt & Water -- these are used to cleanse, purify and consecrate the sacred area and are used to represent Earth and Water.

These tools will help you on your spiritual journey through Wicca. Knowing how to use them and what they represent will help you immensely when constructing your rituals and spells.

Crafting Wiccan Traditions by Raven Grimassi


Parsley has a very rich background to fall back on. Those little leaves on your plate at dinner may not look like much, but the Greeks used to crown their victors with garlands made out of parsley. It was also used in funeral rites and dedicated to Persephone, Queen of the Dead.

Parsley can also be used as a tonic to clear the complexion. To do this, steep the parsley in boiling water for twenty minutes before you strain it. It's also very rich in iron.

Parsley is also associated with love, protection, and purification. It does very well with cleansing baths.

Blue Fluorite

Blue Fluorite is getting harder and harder to find. It is said to enhance spiritual awakening and opens communication between the physical and spiritual planes. It also helps increase intuition and gives off a calm, serene energy. Fluorite also increases mental abilities and aids in shielding one from psychic assault. Because of this, it should be cleansed and purified often.



Elegantly dancing along the edges of
the world and licking the darkness.
There stands a sun upon the Earth
chasing the night on fiery flames.

Shadows come to life and flicker
back and forth, but not all at once.
In a circle that is never ending
And never beginning it stands tall

But then low and must wait to be
fed. Always hungry and all consuming,
It eats and never stops to think of
What it may harm in its path.

Or what it may give its life to in
another spirit.  An element of pure
power and ferocious will, it gets
what it wants and needs to survive.

Permanently burned into anyone
who stares upon it long enough,
it is brighter than any star. Something
you can touch and feel but not

necessarily want to.  Like waves
it flashes back and forth,
back and forth. Always flickering,
flaming, fighting for survival

against the rain, against the
mist, against the honey dew
of the morning to come. And
after it dies and has long since left

it comes back next summer to
restart what it had left behind.
It takes again in order to give
back what it had lost long ago.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Elbaite is a type of valuable Tourmaline. It helps to balance one's emotions and is used for emotional support and healing. It's said to calm the nerves and rid one of their fears along with ridding negativity. It is used to bring balance to one's life by balancing the feminine and masculine energies within. It also helps with relationships and bringing about sensuality and fertility.

Earth Song

Singer: Mary DeQuattro
Song: Earth Song

Wisdom & War

Wisdom &War

Bred within the body of wisdom
and birthed from the skull of thunder,
favored by Zeus in the Olympic Kingdom
arose a Goddess of perfect wonder.

A warrior of justice and strategy skills,
of strength and honor conceived.
Sacred guardian of the hero’s will,
their fates she gracefully weaves.

Aegis, shield, and spear in hand
the keys to thunder she possesses,
and as her heroes take their stands
her coveted love she expresses.

With superior intellect came victory
against an uncle of powerful worth.
A bitter well sprung in competitory
as an olive rose from the Earth.

Giving sustenance to humanity,
thus conquering mortal faith.
To be named after that great city,
for Athens was divined by your grace.

An ancient Goddess ruled her world
with justice in Earth’s arena.
And through this world did unfurl
the heroics of the Goddess Athena.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book Review: The Wiccan Year by Judy Ann Nock

If you have ever seen The Wiccan Year by Judy Ann Nock sitting on the bookshelf in the New Age section of your local bookstore then I would suggest that you take it home with you. It's a short, fun, and easy read. It contained a lot of new information that was simplified in a way that any reader would be able to comprehend the new found knowledge.

Basically, the book is comprised of the Wheel of the Year and is thoroughly investigated in each chapter. Each Sabbat (Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain, and Yule) of the Wheel of the Year has its own chapter. The very last chapter consists of the Esbats, the New and Full Moons. Each chapter is then further divided into subunits about the Sabbat. These units are composed of historical information, celestial events, meditation, ritual, astrological influence, and practical craft.

My favorite part while reading this book was the information on the celestial events and the astrological influences. Not only did the author talk about the constellations and their positioning in the skies, but about the myths and legends behind the constellations. I thought that was particularly interesting and now I even catch myself being able to pick out constellations that I never knew about before reading this book.

The rituals, meditations, and practical crafts that are contained within this book can be done in groups or as a solitary practitioner. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term "practical crafts", this section for each Sabbat contains recipes and arts and crafts that are fun for all ages. I've done a few of the recipes and they are fantastic and very magickal!

This book is a nice introduction to the Wheel of the Year. It's easy and fun to read and very hard to put down.


Jasper comes in a variety of colors, each with their own personal properties and characteristics. The colors that are typically used when working with this stone are red, yellow, brown, orange, and green. This post will focus on red, yellow, and green and their significance. Jasper, in general, is used for relaxation, compassion, nurturing, healing, completion, and tranquility. It also absorbs negativity, relieves stress, and provides protection. On a side note, it prolongs sexual pleasure. It corresponds with Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio in the zodiac. It's ruling planet is Mars and is of the Fire element. (These correspondences are for Yellow, Orange, and Red Jasper and may differ for other colored Jasper.)

Red Jasper-- Protection, Justice, Grounding, Calms, Dream Recall, Health

Yellow Jasper-- Protection, Nurturing, Calms, Regeneration

Green Jasper-- Balancing, Healing, Purification

It is said that if you place Jasper under your pillow at night it helps with producing good dreams and helps eliminate nightmares.

Green Jasper Picture from:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sacred Circle

Sacred Circle

Circle cast and candles lit,
upon the Pentacle I do sit.
Gods invoked and Quarters called,
come to chant one and all.

Salt and water circle thrice,
protect us during our ancient rites.
Enter here in love and trust,
all evil forth shall be thrust.

Spiral dance around the Sun,
Moon and Stars bleed as one.
Mother Earth hear our pleas,
bring hope and light back to me.

Shining through candles’ flames,
spirits call us out by names.
Before the altar I do kneel,
recognize the ancient wheel.

Athame held up high,
tracing pentagrams in the skies,
The cauldron filled with wishful sight,
in hopes of our futures bright.

Recited spells and fresh herbs,
the fearies we do not disturb.
Instead they dance with us this night,
as we offer our love and light.

Book Review: Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler

I'm not sure how many people have read Margot Adler's Drawing Down the Moon but I would say that it's a good start to understanding the origins of Neo-Paganism and Neo-Wicca. I'm not going to lie; it is not a short and easy read. It's a scholarly text that's full of wonderful insight into how Paganism and Wicca has involved into what it is today.

I must admit, however, that a lot of the interviews that were collected for this book occurred throughout the 70s when Paganism and Wicca were just starting to really develop. It has lovely background information on Gerald Gardner who is often accredited with founding modern Wicca. I use the word "modern" loosely because his teachings are supposedly based off a much more ancient tradition.

It's a very thought provoking book which will definitely get you wondering about how and why you chose to follow this spiritual path. I suggest anyone who is thinking about following the Pagan or Wiccan Path to please read this book first. It'll help you in understanding your choices and understanding the true nature of Paganism/Wicca, how it was developed, why is was developed, and what is expected from you. 

There are quite a few sections in the book that explains different sects of Wicca and Paganism, feminism, sexual orientation, rituals, and more. This book is not a pleasure read, but for those who are looking up serious information on these spiritual paths and/or wish to gain knowledge on their own tradition. I would suggest that anyone who wants to read this book to keep in mind that the book is based off a lot of information that was available in the 70s and to keep in mind the context from which the interviews were conducted. Also, bear in mind the availability of books about the Craft that were available to the public around this time frame which weren't very many.

All in all, this book is for anyone who is seeking to learn more about their traditions or are looking into following the Pagan/Wiccan Path. Plus, the newest edition just came out for it!

Mother of Darkness

Song: Mother Of Darkness

Artist: Alice Di Micele

Album: Circle Of Women

Green Moss Agate

Green Moss Agate is a very beautiful crystal in my opinion. It also helps with grounding excess spiritual energy, abundance, prosperity, and creativity. It may also bring the carrier strength and courage and rid oneself of hear and stress. It's also said to attract nature spirits.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are said to represent that thoughts of loved ones. They can be used for purification, cleansing, clairvoyance, protection, and wisdom. They can be used in many spells and rituals to intensify psychic abilities. When using the leaves as form of purification and cleansing, place them into a cauldron, light them, and let the smoke and sweet aroma fill the house. For protection, you may hang them in the highest part of your home.

Monday, February 18, 2013


This picture is a little lacking in detail of the true powers of Carnelian. Not only is it good for vitality, but it is also good for motivation, stimulating creativity, emotional warmth, courage, happiness, self esteem, reincarnation/recalling one's past life, harmony, individuality, sociability, sexuality, fertility, and memory just to name to a few more.

It's in accordance with the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra. It's planet is Mars. It's zodiac correspondences are Leo, Virgo, Cancer, and Taurus.



Sanctuary from wickedness, the five points provide;
condemnation of religion and forced to hide.
Elemental symbols of a sacred ritual,
mistaken to represent that of pure evil.

Mother Earth, the Goddess dear;
ground trembles when covered with your fear.
Bones of ash and flesh of crust;
the touch of thee turns me to dust.

Air born upon the summer breeze,
a whisper heard by the silent trees.
Swirls high above the solemn clouds,
The light of the moon it enshrouds.

Water descends from the heaven light,
drowning rain to be turned white.
Blizzard freeze the world to ice,
to melt, vaporize, and begin twice.

Fire of my soul that which burns,
destruction of life it does return.
After devastation seems like a dream,
the Earth grows fertile, it does redeem.

Spiritual essence of my own life,
I would give up in sacrifice.
Save my Star, I do beseech.
The dismal glow of which appears extinct.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crystal Cleansing

I use Frankincense incense all the time because it's said to bring about an uplifting mood. Whenever I burn it, I do feel like I'm in higher spirits. For those of you that want to cleanse your stones with incense, take your crystals and pass them through the smoke saying, "I remove negativity from this crystal. So mote it be."

I normally cleanse and charge my crystals on the Full Moon. I do mine by placing them in clean water and adding sea salt to the water to absorb negativity. I say the same thing above while I do this. Then I leave them out in the moonlight for the rest of the night. Another way you can do this would be by burying them in Earth.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Wiccan Reed

The main laws that Wiccans try to follow all come from the Wiccan Reed. The main take home message is "An ye harm none, do what thou wilt."
This means, do no harm to others or to yourself in your pursuit of the Craft or with the tools and magick provided to you by the Craft. Remember the rule of 3! What you send out comes back to you 3 times!

Thirteen Goals of a Witch

Thirteen Goals of a Witch

These are goals and are by no means laws. Some Witches may follow this while others do as they please. Not every Witch, Wiccan, or Pagan has the same Code of Ethics and Morals. However, whatever you send out will come back to you 3 times as is the rule of Karma.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spiritual Awakening Ritual

I performed what I call a "Spiritual Awakening Ritual" for the New Moon. Although the New Moon is technically today, you can perform New Moon and Full Moon rituals up to three days before the actual day and some people say you can do it up to three days after. I will be doing a personal ritual today. The ritual I did yesterday was with my Sister Witch, Cara.

Here's a copy of the Ritual below and can be done solitary as well. I prefer to do Esbat Rituals skyclad but to each their own. The purpose of this ritual is to become comfortable with oneself, to further their dedication in the Craft, to invest in the Spirit and spiritual aspect of Wicca, to obtain confidence, empowerment, and love for thyself and thy Craft.

Also, since I'm a Welsh Witch, we perform attribute Air to the North and Earth to the East which is contradictory to most traditions and published works. If you like to see our reasoning behind this you may go to this article:

The brief reason as to why our elements are switched is to alternate between the masculine and the feminine to produce as much energy as possible. Also, our Circle has a cross within it, the vertical line being male from North to South, and the horizontal being female from East to West. I think we can all agree that Air and Fire are masculine and that Earth and Water are feminine. So my Circles go East:Earth:Feminine, South:Fire:Masculine, West:Water:Feminine, and North:Air:Masculine. As you travel around the Circle, it's all in balance. It's different from what is generally accepted but it makes more sense to me.

Spiritual Awakening Ritual

For this ritual you will need:
Red, Yellow or White, Green, and Blue candles for the 4 Quarters
Black Candle for the Goddess Hecate
Purple Candle to represent the Spirit
Bowl of Water, Red candle, Incense (preferably Frankincense and Myrrh), and Bowl of Salt to represent the elements
Bowl of Herbs for offering to the Goddess (optional)
Tea Lites to ring the Circle (optional)
Corn Cakes
Wine or Grape Juice
Chalice and dish for Cakes and Wine
Athame or Wand
Journal and Pen (optional)

Cast the circle:

Say while sprinkling salt around your circle and circle 3 times:
"Creature of Salt where thou art cast,
no spell or adverse purpose last.
not in complete accord with me,
as I do will, so mote it be."

Say while holding a red candle and circle 3 times:
"Creature of Fire this charge I lay,
no evil in thy presence stay,
Not in complete accord with me,
as I do will, so mote it be."

Say while holding a dish of water and sprinkle; circle 3 times:

"Creature of Water where thou art cast,
no spell or adverse purpose last,
not in complete accord with me,
as I do will, so mote it be."

Say while holding incense and circle 3 times:

"Creature of Air this charge I lay,
no evil in thy presence stay,
not in complete accord with me,
as I do will so mote it be."*

 *These verses are from Dynion Mwyn Rituals. I am a member of Dynion Mwyn*

Call the Quarters:

Stand to the East:

“I call upon the Guardian of the East, who dwells in the Realm of Earth. I beckon to you to come forth from your entombed realm and harmonize our souls to the rhythm of the Earth. Bring to us strength, endurance, and power as we perform our rites. Hail and Welcome. So mote it be.”

Stand to the South:

“I call upon the Guardian of the South, who dwells within the candle flames and basks in the light of the sun. I beckon to you to come forth from your fiery realm and teach our souls the power that you hold. Bring to us confidence, will, and empowerment as we perform our rites. Hail and Welcome. So mote it be.”

Stand to the West:

“I call upon the Guardian of the West, who dwells within the waters of the rivers and the waves of the ocean.  I beckon to you to come forth from your watery realm and wash upon our souls the sensuality you possess. Bring to us Healing, Renewal, and Purity as we perform our rites. Hail and Welcome. So mote it be.”

Stand to the North:

“I call upon the Guardian of the North, who dwells within the Northern Winds. I beckon to you to come forth from your airy realm and rush through our souls the knowledge that you possess. Bring to us Wisdom, Understanding, and Freedom as we perform our rites. Hail and Welcome. So mote it be.”

Stand in center:

“I call upon the spirit that dwells within. Show us our true paths and help us walk them fully and completely.”

Call upon the Goddess:

Have black candle ready to represent Hecate.

“I call upon the Goddess of Night, of the Moon, and of the Craft. Hecate, come to us as we seek your wisdom, your will, your empowerment, and your spirit. We offer to thee this candle so as you may find us and work your Will in harmony with ours. We call upon you to open our spirits and our minds to the ways of the Craft. Help us find our motivation to worship the Gods and Goddesses, the Seasons, and ourselves.”

“We honor you and your deep devoted wisdom to Magick. We respect your Craft. We offer these herbs and this incense in your honor. We dedicate our spirits to the Craft. So mote it be.

Call upon the Old Ones:

“We call upon the Old Ones, the ancients, our teachers, our guides, to aid us in our understanding of our Craft and devoting ourselves to the God and Goddess. We call upon you join us as we perform our rites. So mote it be.”

Scrape off negativity. Lightly move your hands over each other without touching. Imagine taking away the negativity from each other and shake your hands behind you to shake of the negativity you are taking away from yourself.


“I take your negativity away from you. I cleanse you. I purify you. I take away your restraints from your mind, body, and soul. So mote it be.”

Sit, control breathing, and meditate while chanting:

“I am Witch. I am Knowledge. I am Power. I am Love.”

Chant 23 times and end with:

“So mote it be.”

Recite words to describe yourself and words that describe the person you wish to become. Place your hand over each element and recite these words. You may want to write them out beforehand.

This part is for if you want to start a spiritual journal to hold your experiences in the Craft.

Draw a pentagram within your journal. Write name, date, birthday, time, and anything else that seems important.


“This journal holds my life, my secrets, my desires, and my fears. It is magickal and it is blessed. So mote it be.”

Place over each element while reciting this.

Cakes and wine:

Hold the cakes and say:

“Dear God and Goddess, bless these cakes that we take into our bodies. May we never hunger.”

Hold the Wine:

“Dear God and Goddess, bless this wine that we take into our bodies. May we never thirst.”

Thank the God, Goddess, and Old Ones for participating in this ritual with you. Thank the Quarters and dismiss the Circle. Empty the bowl of water, herbs, wine, and cakes upon the ground as a libation to the Earth and food for the animals.

End Ritual

Thursday, February 7, 2013



I stand upon this pedestal staring
down into the faces of my tormentors,
the ones who have wronged me to no end.

They gather, circling around me,
making sure to keep their distance
so as not to entice the wickedness that dwells within.

Torches alighted with the fires of hell
raised in honor of this burning, this sacrifice,
for which I am the lamb slain.

They know not of what I truly am,
for I am nothing but a mere woman in her prime,
a woman misjudged for being different or sane.

"Burn the witch!" my neighbors yell
as the wick is lit with the fire they possess,
smoke rising on the wings of the northern winds.

The smell of my flesh being devoured
by the flames that lick at my feet overpowers
everything in my mind's eye.

The damned souls watch in merriment
as the sparks ignite all that was left of me,
all that I had with me in life.

Curse you all!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

To the Coming of Winter

To the Coming of Winter

Shivering limbs releasing death from their swaying frames,
the light melting further from the horizon's edge
and the kiss of dew freezing the world lame,
lay the crumbling corpses upon the Earth's bitter ledge.
Smothering frost frozen across the surface of lakes,
and drowned beyond depths where only the fish can play.
To bears come restful peace dozing away snow drift quakes,
small critters desperately scavenging food saved on a different day.
Taking to the cavernous underground the sun can not penetrate,
removing itself to let the season enjoy solace in revival.
Softly floating from Heaven, candy clouds of snowflakes,
delicately distinguishable upon departure and time of arrival.
Spiraling to Nature's Garden blanketing death in white grace,
Angels purifying the veneer, a forsaken land erased.


Shards of glass icicles on a rooftop's Christmas Eve,
cold hearted snowmen smiling stiffly as sleds speed by,
and frost-bitten children creating snow Angels to believe
one day to lift from Earth on snowy wings they fly.
Candle lights of Trees ornately decorated for season,
colorful wreaths of holly in a Wonderland of blizzard white.
With New Year springing to life with excuses and reasons
for a better tomorrow granted, the future of the bright.
Celebrations of views written in the earliest of years,
in Winter they thrive and family rejoices in hands held.
Swallowed by the cold and embraced in joyful tears,
disintegrate in dark snow droplets in which they meld.
Forever creeping along with icy fingers curled,
only to finally disappear as do the seasons of the world.


As the days brighten and the Sun travels ever so near,
melting away at the frozen core of the Earth's whole.
Relinquishing the fabric of those sheets so sheer,
the mud and rain mixing into a slush of my soul.
Days grow longer and nights withering cut quick,
hiding the stars behind clouds of dusk and the moon.
Rays awakening the world of life igniting the wick,
nature's slumber rendered at the chime of high noon.
Slowly shaking the last remnants of that Winter frost,
the final dusting of spring snow vaporizing with air.
All the creatures find the world they had left not lost,
stumbling to remember why it is they are there.
Dear Winter we shall meet again one chilling day,
but alas, till then this is my farewell I say.


Monday, February 4, 2013



Mystic guardian of sin, sealed within one chest,
Giver of treasures, creation of Earth.
Punishment forged into a woman's breast,
by beings of a supernatural birth.
Conceived from Prometheus' plunder,
Retribution of the sacred light of fire,
And demanded genesis of the God of Thunder,
Thus impending events transpired.

Seductive gifts were bequeathed to thee,
A figured immortalized by an act of such.
Endowed the eager character of curiosity,
A pithos observed by a sense of touch.
Doth the hands of yours betray,
Or by your gift you have been burned?
Were you enticed and led astray,
Or revenge had settled after spurned?

Unjustly victimized by an unintentional mistake,
Seen as feeble minded and scorned.
Blamed for the bodies that always ache,
But never once were you forewarned.
Demons unleashed upon hallowed grounds,
But perhaps present before said time.
Tainted with evil they do drown,
Human nature in filth and grime.

Box of bone and blood you did protect,
A craft which can not diminish your worth.
Restrained the demons before you were subject,
To their wide alluring girth.
I condemn you not, fair goddess of gifts,
Even though that sacred item you did grope.
The lid you did purposely lift,
For that small ounce of Hope.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Elemental Chant

Elemental Chant

You can find the link to this video by KeepMusicPagan here:

Song Title: Elemental Chant
Artist: Wendy Rule

In the Beginning

In the Beginning

Understanding in your superior design,
will eternally escape my apprenticed grasp.
Sitting among the brilliant sun and moon,
floating with the tamed, restless clouds
and shooting stars across the midnight sky.

A kingdom of gold and silver tapestries,
each with a tale told of great triumph and the Fall.
The sharp edge of the world slicing
into the heart and soul of Mother's womb
with wine dripping from hungry, carnal lips.

Listening to the silence of the summer springs,
dusk settles over the calms of the royal seas.
Children of sacred gardens dance to the drums,
sensuously gyrating to death's chilling song
beckoning to them on bleeding wings of glory.

Pilfering nature's fruitful treasures illiberally,
ruining your vast creation with scornful tendencies.
To birth a white lamb just for ritual sacrifice,
slaughtered by malice and pure hatred
for nothing more than the rotting carcass that's left!

Like rabid wolves devouring sickness for flesh,
battling for the last scrap of dignity.
As if starving when sustenance was before you
and the choice to take all for granted,
swift in feral mind to conquer.

A forest with no voices resounding through day,
starry night filled with unrelenting quiet.
Cavernous valleys of dry desert dust
and crumbling mountains in a stony gorge,
hiding the graves of impending extinction.

Ignorance will not lead to beauty in bliss,
but destruction in our fading humanity.
And yet, we've chosen this fate without reluctance,
without a sorrowful tear shed for Mother's hurt
and the pain formed by her massacring spawn.