Friday, February 22, 2013



Elegantly dancing along the edges of
the world and licking the darkness.
There stands a sun upon the Earth
chasing the night on fiery flames.

Shadows come to life and flicker
back and forth, but not all at once.
In a circle that is never ending
And never beginning it stands tall

But then low and must wait to be
fed. Always hungry and all consuming,
It eats and never stops to think of
What it may harm in its path.

Or what it may give its life to in
another spirit.  An element of pure
power and ferocious will, it gets
what it wants and needs to survive.

Permanently burned into anyone
who stares upon it long enough,
it is brighter than any star. Something
you can touch and feel but not

necessarily want to.  Like waves
it flashes back and forth,
back and forth. Always flickering,
flaming, fighting for survival

against the rain, against the
mist, against the honey dew
of the morning to come. And
after it dies and has long since left

it comes back next summer to
restart what it had left behind.
It takes again in order to give
back what it had lost long ago.

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