Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sacred Circle

Sacred Circle

Circle cast and candles lit,
upon the Pentacle I do sit.
Gods invoked and Quarters called,
come to chant one and all.

Salt and water circle thrice,
protect us during our ancient rites.
Enter here in love and trust,
all evil forth shall be thrust.

Spiral dance around the Sun,
Moon and Stars bleed as one.
Mother Earth hear our pleas,
bring hope and light back to me.

Shining through candles’ flames,
spirits call us out by names.
Before the altar I do kneel,
recognize the ancient wheel.

Athame held up high,
tracing pentagrams in the skies,
The cauldron filled with wishful sight,
in hopes of our futures bright.

Recited spells and fresh herbs,
the fearies we do not disturb.
Instead they dance with us this night,
as we offer our love and light.

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