Sunday, February 24, 2013



Tyrannical giants ancient times arose,
spawn of love, threats did pose.
Devoured children, salvation for one,
born of thunder, the Titan's son.

Struggle for divine power soon lost,
war of idols over creation fought.
Despair of mortals tremble in fear,
apocalyptic warnings of the end near.

Catastrophic nature and demonic fright,
raining fire in deep starless night.
Ravage Earth and glory of all,
bring down the Titan's barricading wall.

Raise the clouds and sound the winds,
darken the skies and hail descends.
Forest of fires, mountains fall,
crush the people, the good of all.

Brutal battle of blood begins,
pray to the Gods, worship their sins.
Anger desecrates Earth's design,
death for all, chose which side.

Kill the harvest and drown the moon,
enrage the waves, the Siren's tune.
Crack of thunder and flash of light,
Olympus ablaze, the flames white.

Cage thy fathers, keep them barred,
to Tartarus imprisoned and charred.
Reigning champions take the throne,
Bring back the sun, defeated by thy own.

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