Sunday, October 25, 2015

Seances: Tips For Summoning The Spirits

It's that time of the year again where the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest upon Halloween. During this time, I typically hear a lot of talk about the spirit world, especially about how it's becoming very active. Halloween is a fantastic time to scry, do tarot or rune readings, and of course summon the spirits. I wanted to write about this topic because recently a friend of mine has become extremely interested in contacting spirits. So before people decide to go buy a Ouija Board for their Halloween party, I just wanted to give a little advice about how to be safe.

First, Ouija Boards are NOT toys. They were designed after Witch Boards that were used to communicate with the deceased by none other than Witches. Although their design has been simplified, it still holds the same power and concept and thus should be respected. You must always say "Goodbye" when finished with the board and also thank any spirits you have communicated with and dismiss them. I always tell them to leave aloud no matter what.

Another tip is to ask test questions such as "What day is it?" or "What color is the sky?" This will help you determine accuracy and whether the entity you are speaking to is friendly or not. Remember, you can always ask the entity that is being rude to leave and if they are saying nasty things you need to dismiss them immediately. You can also state that you only wish to speak to those who have good intentions.

Cast a Protection Circle. This is optional but I like to do a little circle of protection, cleansing, and blessing before trying to commune with the dead. I feel that it helps keeps those unwanted spirits at bay. You can do this as formal or informal as you feel is necessary.

Set the tone and meditate. Again this is optional but I feel that setting a certain tone and atmosphere helps open people up to the incredible. You can use candles, incense, herbs, stones, etc to assist with this. Meditation also helps to clear the mind and creates a state of relaxation which will definitely help with any shaky hands on the board.

You don't need a Ouija Board to talk with the dead. You can just as easily create your own. One such way is to tape down letters and numbers on a table and use a wine glass as the pointer.

Remember to always, always, always close any Circles or portals you may open. when communicating with spirits you are opening a portal into their world from ours. You need to close these portals to prevent anything from coming into our world and staying here.

Stay safe this Halloween and have fun!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Candle Colors and Correspondence

Candle magick is a very simple yet powerful type of of magick. It can be used for a multitude of things such as healing, meditative journeys, success, protection, and anything your heart desires. The color of your candle can mean a lot as well, not to mention the scent, design, stones and herbs that are held within them. Choosing a candle is choosing your path. Choose them wisely for the purpose you wish them to serve. Treat them with respect and they will bring wonderful things to you.

Here is a list of colors for your candles and what they represent. Find the one that calls to you for your needs.

Green - Healing, Earth, Grounding, Success, Money, Growth, Peace

Blue - Calmness, Stress Reliever, Emotions, Fluidity, Tranquility, Meditation

Purple - Psychic, Journey, Trance, Intelligence, Spiritual

Yellow - Enlightenment, Wisdom, Happiness, Communication, Friends, Clarity

Orange - Warmth, Energy, Confidence

Red - Vitality, Sexuality, Fertility, Passion, Anger, Desire

Pink - Friendship, Relationships, Love, Sensuality

Gray - Balance, Neutrality, Stability, Maturity

Black - Protection, Mystery, Releasing Negativity

White - Purity, Cleansing, Positive Energy, Protection

This is just a brief description of of the colors and their correspondences. Of course I encourage those who feel that a certain color means something different to them than what's listed above to go with their heart's desire. It's not wrong, for example, to think of the color blue in relation to money.  If that is what your deities are telling you then you should do what you feel is right.