Saturday, September 28, 2013

Healing a Broken Heart Spell

Everyone needs some sort of healing to occur for them throughout their life whether it is physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. We need healing from sickness, from broken hearts, from disastrous relationships, from many things. I performed this healing spell when I needed to heal my broken heart after a terrible break up so now I'd like to share it with my readers.

Here's what you'll need:

7 Rose Petals (dried)
Pinch of Rosemary
Pinch of Thyme
Rose Quartz Chip
A piece of Paper and Pen
One pink candle
Rose oil

Before beginning the spell, be sure to cast a Circle of Protection with the 4 elements. You may review how to cast a circle here or you may perform a simple Salt Circle of protection. Once the Circle has been cast, place the cauldron upon the pentacle and set the pink candle to the side. I would suggest using a simple pink votive candle.

Cleanse the rose quartz chip in a bowl of water with salt and then place inside the cauldron. Sprinkle the herbs around the stone within the cauldron. Drizzle rose oil over the herbs and stone in the cauldron. Write on the paper what you wish to heal within your heart. Set the paper aflame from the candle and drop it into the cauldron to burn. Once the contents inside the cauldron have burned, cover the cauldron with the lid and set it in a safe place for 7 days. Let the candle burn itself out by the cauldron.

After 7 days, remove the rose quartz chip and place into a small satchel for safe keeping and release the rest of the contents into running water or upon the ground. The rose quartz chip has been charged with your words of healing. Carry this on you for as long as you need till you have healed. Bury the rose quartz chip within the ground afterward symbolizing ridding yourself of all pain.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

46th Annual Gathering of the Tribes

I wanted to share my very spiritual experience at the Gathering of the Tribes Festival in my home state. The Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn which I have been a part of for quite some time hosts a gathering of many people from all walks of life in the Pagan and Wiccan Community. Many covens/groves come and there are many vendors that come in hopes of restocking our wonderful herb cupboards and broom closets.

I went with my significant other. He had never been to such an event before as he is not a Witch such as me. However, he thoroughly enjoyed himself so much that he's begged me to take him to other events that are similar and wants to go back to the Gathering next year. I was quite happy to know that he had a wonderful time.

The Gathering lasts for four days. It typically starts on a Thursday and lasts till Sunday evening. The events and schedule changes every year but this year there were many vendors, speakers, and entertainment events. One of the most notable speakers was Oberon Zell-Ravenheart which I'm sure most people have heard of. He has written many books about the Craft.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend until Saturday morning after my college classes had all let out so I can only account for my activities on Saturday and Sunday. I attended a talk with Oberon about polyamory which was very interesting. I must say that I was a little ignorant to the term and what it stood for. I had heard of it before but he described it in much more detail since he was the one who coined the term!

I stayed to exchange hugs with my High Priest, Rhuddlwn Gawr, who has also written numerous books and had several talks at the Gathering. He and many other leaders in the Pagan community had a talk about leadership and especially in involving the younger generation. My boyfriend and I were the "younger generation" present. Of course, after a time we scooted off into the skyclad section to have a frolic through the woods.

We were out in the middle of these rolling fields of lush grass with scattered patches of wooded areas. My boyfriend and I, along with many others, camped out. It was beautiful waking up to the early morning sunrise and the fresh dew. On Saturday night, the energy was flowing and swirling around us. Open rituals are usually performed on Friday and Saturday night. Once the ritual was finished there were many concerts featuring many different artists and bands. I danced in my flowing skirt as well as many others. It was quite a magical night.

Later, my love and I sat by the huge bonfire and talked about life while watching the stars. It was a very deep and connecting moment. We later participated in a Fire Ritual with everyone. We danced to the drumming and I found it to be very arousing!

My experience at the Gathering was beautiful and just what I needed to get back in tune with my spirituality. If anyone wants information on the Gathering of the Tribes you can visit This is an annual event and I look forward to it next year!