Friday, February 19, 2016

Wordplay: Casting a Circle vs. Creating Sacred Space

So I'm starting to realize that my definition of casting a Circle and creating a sacred purified space are a little different from other people's and a I just wanted to clarify. So when I cleanse a space, I physically sweep, vacuum, mop, etc, the area. I sweep all the negativity away physically. When I purify a sacred space, I call upon the elements in a chant to drive negative energies away. I usually use a physical representation of each of the elements (Water, Salt, Candle, Incense) and walk around the space with each while chanting. I may also smudge the area as well. I am casting the Circle when I am calling upon the Watchtowers, Goddess, and God to protect the space and aid with the ritual at hand.

Some people may say I'm being a little bit picky about this but the only reason I want this to be known is because words have power. Names have power. Everything you say gets sent out into the universe physically; I believe your words can be even more powerful than your thoughts. So to me, it only makes sense to be as clear as possible when stating your intentions for ritual or spellwork. This is why spells are called spells! Grammar is tremendously important!

In Druidic traditions, teachers don't give their students the names of sacred tools such as wands, athames, and cauldrons until they know their student has an in depth understanding of what the tool is for. They describe their tools to the student instilling this understanding and then, only after, do they divulge the name - because it has power.

So I invite you, dear reader, to explore these words and come to an understanding of what they truly mean. Let's not use them interchangeably but for the specific purpose for which they were constructed. Let's not interchange words such as Witch and Wiccan either. We can't assume everyone who is Wiccan is a Witch and all Witches are Wiccan. That's for another rant though.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Book Review: Celtic Sex Magic by Jon G. Hughes

Let me go ahead by saying, no, this book was not all about sex. It clearly stated the intentions of what sex magic is intended for which is to direct a spell or intention by feeding it into the collective energy of the Universe and letting it come to fruition. In fact, the author (a long established Druid Priest with a lineage that goes back 5 generations) did a wonderful job at portraying the elements needed to perform a successful sex magic ritual in a non-sexual or at least non-arousing way. He wanted this to be a teaching method and not taken advantage of as some sort of smut reading.

This book had tons of useful information, not only about the process of enacting a sex magic ritual but also about wand harvesting, wandcrafting, cleansing and purification of tools, recipes, and other spells associated with Druidism. I definitely have a lot to write in my Grimoire that I'd like to take away from this book, especially about wand making and some of the recipes.

The book itself is broken down into three parts. The first part is about basics and fundamentals, Druidism, sex magic, and spellwork in general. The second part is about the makings of a sex magic ritual and how it works by going through the steps. Lastly, the third part is about creating a sex magic ritual and the elements involved in it.

And let me tell you, there is a lot involved with sex magic beside the sex part. If you're interested in learning more about the subject either just to educate yourself or to actually take part then I would suggest reading this book. It would definitely help people understand what they are getting involved with before doing it.

 Also, yes, there is sex magic in Wicca and the Craft. I don't know many Covens who practice sex magic anymore but if you are looking for that type of Craft work all you have to do is ask someone who has been practicing for awhile. My older Coven practiced sex magic, of course for adults only and that was something that was by choice. Usually before entering a Coven that practices sex magic you will be told immediately and these Covens usually have a separate group within the tradition that practices this and you can choose to be a part of that group or not. Choosing not to participate in sex magic should have no bearing about whether you can be an active Coven member recognizing Sabbats, Esbats, and so on unless otherwise specified.

Check out this book! It's a very informative read!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Coven Duties

I just wanted to touch base with people who may be searching for a Coven or some kind of group that does coven-like things. Being a part of a Coven is not something that should be taken lightly. These people have formed a group for people who are just as dedicated as they are and who wish to find others who seek the same path. They deeply respect their paths and the direction of the group and they are highly committed to spiritual growth. So, with that being said, if you are trying to find a Coven, first ask yourself what your reasons are for trying to find one.

These questions can be like: Do I want to find a community with the same views? Do I want to practice ritual regularly? Do I wish to grow spiritually? Do they have classes I can take? Once you have answered these questions then you can go about finding the right group for you. But also know, that these people expect effort on your part as well.

I have been in many different groups. I have been in very strict ones as well as more relaxed ones. Some groups will not think twice about dismissing students who miss class and ritual regularly. Some groups require a membership fee from coven members to help with the fees of the coven. Other groups may only meet for Sabbats and those may be open to everyone. Whatever the group you decide, just remember that if they have requirements and expect something out of you, they also have the power to dismiss you as well. They aren't being rude or mean, they are just doing what they think is in the best interest of everyone in the group.

Covens are not fads. If you are not an active member of the Coven then you are not a Coven member and may not define yourself as one. That is disrespectful to the Coven and it's members. Also, being a part of a Coven does not validate one's being a Witch. You can be a Witch without a Coven. So if you can't find a group that suits you, don't worry. Simply practice as a solitary until you find a group or create your own group.