Thursday, October 1, 2015

Candle Colors and Correspondence

Candle magick is a very simple yet powerful type of of magick. It can be used for a multitude of things such as healing, meditative journeys, success, protection, and anything your heart desires. The color of your candle can mean a lot as well, not to mention the scent, design, stones and herbs that are held within them. Choosing a candle is choosing your path. Choose them wisely for the purpose you wish them to serve. Treat them with respect and they will bring wonderful things to you.

Here is a list of colors for your candles and what they represent. Find the one that calls to you for your needs.

Green - Healing, Earth, Grounding, Success, Money, Growth, Peace

Blue - Calmness, Stress Reliever, Emotions, Fluidity, Tranquility, Meditation

Purple - Psychic, Journey, Trance, Intelligence, Spiritual

Yellow - Enlightenment, Wisdom, Happiness, Communication, Friends, Clarity

Orange - Warmth, Energy, Confidence

Red - Vitality, Sexuality, Fertility, Passion, Anger, Desire

Pink - Friendship, Relationships, Love, Sensuality

Gray - Balance, Neutrality, Stability, Maturity

Black - Protection, Mystery, Releasing Negativity

White - Purity, Cleansing, Positive Energy, Protection

This is just a brief description of of the colors and their correspondences. Of course I encourage those who feel that a certain color means something different to them than what's listed above to go with their heart's desire. It's not wrong, for example, to think of the color blue in relation to money.  If that is what your deities are telling you then you should do what you feel is right.

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