Sunday, September 20, 2015

Abundance Bag

Everyone needs a little help every now and then, especially in the area of finance. I had been going through a tough time after my car accident on New Year's Eve last year. I was out of work for quite sometime and had to endure  months of physical therapy. Fortunately, I didn't lose my life in that accident. So since I was out of work, finances were tight. I created an abundance bag to help with these finances, buying a new car, and my taxes. It certainly helped and I still carry this bag with me today in my purse. I put it on my altar every full moon to keep it charged.

Here is a list of ingredients you'll need:
  • One small green bag - green represents the Earth, success, abundance, and wealth
  • A dime - this will represent wealth; it contains trace amounts of silver
  • Allspice - abundance
  • Bay Leaves - To write your wish upon
  • Basil - wealth
  • Almond Oil - Prosperity and anointing
  • Elder Flower - Prosperity
  • Something personal of yours - your hair, spit, blood, etc.
  • Three green candles
First, you want to create your sacred space and have all these ingredients consecrated. Cleanse the area with sage. Place some bay leaves, sage, and elder flower in your cauldron. Place the three green candles in a triangular formation around your cauldron. Place a few drops of almond oil in the cauldron and anoint each candle with it before lighting them. Light each candle while visualizing your intent and then light your cauldron. Run your bag over each candle and through the smoke from the cauldron and anoint with almond oil. Place each herb except the bay leaf inside the bag and run through the candles and smoke. Do the same with the dime and place it in the bag. Write your wish upon a bay leaf, run over the candles and through the smoke and place it in the bag. Take your personal item (I used my hair) and place it in the bag. Run the bag with all the contents over the candles and through the smoke again.

Before tying the bag closed speak your intentions aloud to the God and Goddess and to the contents within the bag. Seal the bag and keep it on you at all times. It is best if you perform this during New Moon.

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