Monday, February 18, 2013



Sanctuary from wickedness, the five points provide;
condemnation of religion and forced to hide.
Elemental symbols of a sacred ritual,
mistaken to represent that of pure evil.

Mother Earth, the Goddess dear;
ground trembles when covered with your fear.
Bones of ash and flesh of crust;
the touch of thee turns me to dust.

Air born upon the summer breeze,
a whisper heard by the silent trees.
Swirls high above the solemn clouds,
The light of the moon it enshrouds.

Water descends from the heaven light,
drowning rain to be turned white.
Blizzard freeze the world to ice,
to melt, vaporize, and begin twice.

Fire of my soul that which burns,
destruction of life it does return.
After devastation seems like a dream,
the Earth grows fertile, it does redeem.

Spiritual essence of my own life,
I would give up in sacrifice.
Save my Star, I do beseech.
The dismal glow of which appears extinct.

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