Sunday, February 24, 2013

Positive and Negative Energy

People can be just as easily affected by their own energy as the projection of energy from others. For me, I try to keep a cool, calm, and collected mind and thus this is the energy that I project to others. Have you ever felt annoyance at someone who is in a bad mood? The energy surrounding them affects your energy. When someone is projecting negative energy one can feel it and are likely to have the energy surrounding them contaminated with negativity.

Try to keep your thoughts and your mind in a positive place to keep your energy positive. You can avoid people who give off negativity or you can protect yourself from it with crystals such as hematite which is said to absorb negativity so that it does not harm you.

Never perform rituals or spells in a negative or angry state of mind. Wait for your mind to clear, and cleanse yourself before hand. A Circle is a positive place and only positive energy should be allowed to dwell there.

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