Tuesday, February 5, 2013

To the Coming of Winter

To the Coming of Winter

Shivering limbs releasing death from their swaying frames,
the light melting further from the horizon's edge
and the kiss of dew freezing the world lame,
lay the crumbling corpses upon the Earth's bitter ledge.
Smothering frost frozen across the surface of lakes,
and drowned beyond depths where only the fish can play.
To bears come restful peace dozing away snow drift quakes,
small critters desperately scavenging food saved on a different day.
Taking to the cavernous underground the sun can not penetrate,
removing itself to let the season enjoy solace in revival.
Softly floating from Heaven, candy clouds of snowflakes,
delicately distinguishable upon departure and time of arrival.
Spiraling to Nature's Garden blanketing death in white grace,
Angels purifying the veneer, a forsaken land erased.


Shards of glass icicles on a rooftop's Christmas Eve,
cold hearted snowmen smiling stiffly as sleds speed by,
and frost-bitten children creating snow Angels to believe
one day to lift from Earth on snowy wings they fly.
Candle lights of Trees ornately decorated for season,
colorful wreaths of holly in a Wonderland of blizzard white.
With New Year springing to life with excuses and reasons
for a better tomorrow granted, the future of the bright.
Celebrations of views written in the earliest of years,
in Winter they thrive and family rejoices in hands held.
Swallowed by the cold and embraced in joyful tears,
disintegrate in dark snow droplets in which they meld.
Forever creeping along with icy fingers curled,
only to finally disappear as do the seasons of the world.


As the days brighten and the Sun travels ever so near,
melting away at the frozen core of the Earth's whole.
Relinquishing the fabric of those sheets so sheer,
the mud and rain mixing into a slush of my soul.
Days grow longer and nights withering cut quick,
hiding the stars behind clouds of dusk and the moon.
Rays awakening the world of life igniting the wick,
nature's slumber rendered at the chime of high noon.
Slowly shaking the last remnants of that Winter frost,
the final dusting of spring snow vaporizing with air.
All the creatures find the world they had left not lost,
stumbling to remember why it is they are there.
Dear Winter we shall meet again one chilling day,
but alas, till then this is my farewell I say.


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