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Jasper comes in a variety of colors, each with their own personal properties and characteristics. The colors that are typically used when working with this stone are red, yellow, brown, orange, and green. This post will focus on red, yellow, and green and their significance. Jasper, in general, is used for relaxation, compassion, nurturing, healing, completion, and tranquility. It also absorbs negativity, relieves stress, and provides protection. On a side note, it prolongs sexual pleasure. It corresponds with Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio in the zodiac. It's ruling planet is Mars and is of the Fire element. (These correspondences are for Yellow, Orange, and Red Jasper and may differ for other colored Jasper.)

Red Jasper-- Protection, Justice, Grounding, Calms, Dream Recall, Health

Yellow Jasper-- Protection, Nurturing, Calms, Regeneration

Green Jasper-- Balancing, Healing, Purification

It is said that if you place Jasper under your pillow at night it helps with producing good dreams and helps eliminate nightmares.

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