Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Goddess Rosaries

Some people have an aversion to using the word rosary as it can signal to a person memories of Christian faith and other negative associations that they tend to place upon it. However, the word rosary comes from the Latin word rosarium which means garland of roses. The garland of prayer beads is symbolic of a portable sacred Circle that can go with you everywhere.

The rosary is used as a grounding tool to aid in trance and meditation through keeping track of mantras, prayers, and recitation of deity names. As you say each mantra or line of a prayer, you touch each bead imbuing them with that statement and giving them power. This power will remain within the bead and build over time as you continue this process.

Rosaries come in all different colors, beads, and stones. You can choose to string the beads together in a line or you can hook them together through metalcrafting work. If you have a specific prayer or mantra in mind, you can make your rosary to match it. You can place breath beads or heart beads along your rosary to signify when the mantra needs to be repeated.

You can also wear your rosary as a necklace that has power enhancing properties such as for protection or healing. You may also wish to place the rosary upon your altar as a reminder of your faith or by your bedside to aid it dreaming. Be conscious of the number of beads you would like to place. Nine is traditionally a Goddess number and you could choose to make your rosary with three sets of nine or five sets of nine, or so on. Do what feels right for you!

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