Friday, July 15, 2016

Witch Trials: Secret of Loudun

I just published my first novel and it's live on amazon as a kindle version and as a hard copy. It's a historical fiction based around the witch trials of Loudun, France in 1633. If you're looking for a good novel to read that includes some actual details from history then I believe you would admire my book. Here is the complete synopsis:

Accused of murdering a prominent French Lord, Sarah and Anne flee their home in order to escape being persecuted for witchcraft. Sarah is captured by the royal guards and escorted to Loudun Prison, the heart of the witch trials, while her friend devises a plan to rescue her. While Anne is busy building an army to aid her in saving the prisoners in Loudun, the Bishop and his disciples are hard at work executing those in the way of his political advances. With new alliances being formed and the Catholic Church being threatened, will these girls be the downfall of an empire built upon fear or will they suffer the same fate as their Pagan ancestors?

If you do read the book, please leave a review! I would greatly appreciate it!

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