Sunday, January 29, 2017

Power of the Witch by Laurie Cabot

I thoroughly enjoyed this book due to its openness about the Craft. Laurie Cabot is very honest about her feelings when it comes to her personal style of Witchcraft and her definition of what being a Witch is all about. She is a very big advocate of education and dispelling ignorance about witches which is reflected in the pages of her book. She begins by delving briefly into the history of the ancient arts and slowly makes her way to present day and her thoughts about how she foresees witchcraft to be viewed in the future.

I love reading books that reference other books and this book is filled with references. My only qualm is that there was not a book reference list in the back of the book or an Index so you have to mark the books down yourself as you read. I was quite amazed at her dedication towards emphasizing the unique balance between the spiritual aspect of the Craft and the scientific aspects of life as we know it. She used scientific research as a way to meld the two worlds together in an understandable way for those who may not be familiar with Craft workings. Her goal was to show how these two aspects complement each other without contradiction.

Once again, as you read any book, practice the techniques mentioned and see if they work for you. You may be surprised and wish to incorporate them into your own work. The book also had almost an entire chapter dedicated to Witch Children. I found this chapter to be enlightening and had some neat projects and techniques that a parent could do with their child to introduce them to the Craft.

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