Thursday, July 4, 2013

Animal Spirit Guides

Do you find yourself attracted to a certain animal or animals? Do you feel as though you can relate to the animal(s)? Do you have recurring dreams of a certain animal or do you see it often throughout your life in art, mascots, books, etc?

Animal Spirit Guides or Totems have been popular throughout many cultures. Animals, along with humans, were given high positions in spirituality. The ancient Egyptians had deities who were part human and part animal, the Native Americans had animal totems that were for protection, reverence, and spiritual guidance, shamans when entering into the spiritual world would often describe animals that were seen on their vision quests. There are many instances were animals have played vital roles in our spiritual journeys.

I am strongly attracted to black panthers. I've seen black panthers in my dreams, in the physical world, and in symbols all throughout my life. Each animal represents different traits and characteristics such as wolves representing loyalty, and the bear representing strength.

Here's a quick list of some of the most common animal spirit guides and their traits:

Bear: Strength, Confidence, Healing
Cat: Patience, Courage, Independence
Crow: Intelligence, Audacious, Magic
Fox: Cunning, Dreams, Awareness
Horse: Passionate, Balance, Driving force
Owl: Intuition, Change, Wisdom
Lion: Assertiveness, Strength, Aggression
Snake: Healing, Transformation, Life
Wolf: Instinct, Intelligence, Loyalty

For some interesting information on animal spirit guides check out this site:

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  1. I feel as though I have a strong bond with crows, even today one talked to me as it flew overhead.