Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Earth Connection Ritual

This ritual was designed to help people connect their energies with the Earth. I try to connect with the Earth on a daily basis but sometimes it takes a stronger tie to feel your energy and the Earth's energy connect. We transfer energy as a way to help Mother Earth heal from her wounds, wounds that our species has made.

Here is a simple ritual that can help you have a stronger connection with our Mother as well as a way to help with the healing process which is never ending. This ritual will also keep you tied to the Earth as long as you wish for it to be so.

Here is what you'll need to begin:

  • Pentacle
  • Bowl of Water
  • Green Candle
  • Blue Candle
  • Red Candle
  • Bowl of Salt
  • Incense (your choice)
  • Sacred herbs (of your choice that reflect your impression of the Earth)
  • A Planting Pot
  • Soil
  • Paint or Markers
  • Seeds or Sprouts (your choice of plant)
Set up your altar with the Pentacle in the center, the bowl of water to the West and the bowl of Salt to the East. Place the green candle to the right and the blue candle to the left North of the Pentacle. Place the red candle to the South.

The blue and green candle represent the Earth while the red candle represents its core, the heat and magma within. Cleanse your sacred space and the materials that you are using with the water, salt and incense. Call in the Quarters and speak your devotions to Mother Gaia or any Earth Goddess that you feel a connection to. 

Take the planting pot and draw on it or color it however you wish. You may wish to charge and consecrate this pot with the powers of the elements and the power of the Earth Goddess. Take the soil and fill it three quarters of the way full. During this time you can place talismans, healing stones, or other trinkets within the soil to charge it with healing energy. Place your seeds or sprouts in the soil and cover with soil.

Place your hands over the soil with the seed or plant and speak to the Earth Goddess, infusing the soil and plant with your healing energy and the energy of the Earth. After you have finished, open your Circle. Place your plant in a spot with the right requirements (sunny or shady) and speak to your growing plant often. Whenever you speak to it, you are also speaking to the Earth Goddess within.

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