Sunday, April 28, 2013


I've known about the benefits of Earthing, or walking barefoot, for quite sometime but until recently have I been seeing these pictures pop up around the internet highlighting being barefoot. When I do outdoor rituals when the weather permits, I do them barefoot to feel the ground. To use the Earth energy around me to feed into the purpose of the ritual. I also love to dance barefoot.

Since we live in a society where being barefoot in cities and certain areas is not permitted we tend to keep our shoes on whenever possible because it's convenient. Go ahead. Take those shoes off and feel the grass and dirt beneath them. Even if you're surrounded by concrete you can still make use of the ground. Earthing, is becoming very popular. It's always been popular to me but now it's finally being recognized as healthy and energizing.

Love the Earth. Walk the Earth. Harmonize with the Earth.

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