Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting to Know Your Besom

Besoms are traditionally made from a piece of wood about 3 to 5 feet in length and an inch to two inches in diameter. At one end, a bundle of twigs, straw, or herbs is tied together to form the end of the broom as seen in the picture above. Witches who use these brooms ceremonially tend to place charms, crystals, ribbons, and other objects on the broom for decoration, charging, cleansing, protections, etc.

The wood and bristles of the broom can be made from any material or wood you choose. However, I would advise to choose a type of wood or material that is most meaningful to you so that it can serve your purposes the way you want it to. The besom holds both masculine and feminine symbolism. The handle is a phallic symbol representative of the masculine while the bristles are feminine. You may think of it as the masculine and feminine joining in harmony or union.

The besom can be used as a tool to "sweep" away negativity within a sacred space or Circle. It is also an important tool in handfasting ceremonies where the couple who is to be wedded jumps over the besom to symbolize their new beginning together as a couple. Also, it is said that hanging your besom with the bristles upward will keep good fortune within the home and from getting lost. Place it next to your door to keep your home positive and cheerful within your home.

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