Friday, January 1, 2016

Thou Art Goddess

With dagger held in a hand of power,
Invoke the elements upon these grounds.
Come before me this final Witching Hour,
To you, my dear Goddess, my soul is bound.

Candle lit with the flame of Perfect Love,
dedicated to healing Mother Earth.
In celebration of the One above,
comes the future Light given to Her birth.

Dance the Circle 'round and 'round,
the pleasure, the pain, the good, and the bad.
To you, dear Mother, I am forever bound
and I give up the negativity that I once had.

Cleansing moon beams and charging Sun,
bless me with your Divine grace.
Energy swirling, protecting me with love.
wash your warmth upon my face.

By the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars,
by the Mist, the Rain, and the Sea,
heal my wounds and bless my scars,
As I do Will, so mote it be!

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