Saturday, April 13, 2013

Basic Ritual Altar Setup

There are quite a few ways you can setup your altar table. You may place items and tools wherever you wish. For me, I put meaning into where I place my ritual tools and items. Above, is one basic setup you can do for your altar. The tools that are present in this altar setup are standard in Wicca. The tools shown above are used as follows:

1.) God Candle--this is representative of the God and is lighted in his honor as an offering.
2.) God Idol (Statue)--a physical representation of the God
3.) Cakes--this is a plate of cakes used during the Rite of Cakes and Wine typically performed at the end of a ritual.
4.) Chalice--the chalice may hold any drink that is being used for the Rite of Cakes and wine and represents feminine energy.
5.) Goddess Idol (Statue)--a physical representation of the Goddess
6.) Goddess Candle--this is representative of the Goddess and is lighted in her honor as an offering.
7.) Incense Burner--used for lighted incense and is representative of the Air Element.
8.) Athame--used to call the Quarters and direct energy when casting the Circle, represents masculine energy and associated with fire (or air depending on tradition).
9.)Wand--used to perform spells and also direct energy, represents masculine energy and associated with air (or fire depending on tradition).
10.) Pentacle--a disc normally inscribed with symbols used to ground energy, associated with earth and feminine energy.
11.) Bowl with Water--water is used for cleansing.
12.) Bowl with Salt--salt is used for cleansing.
13.) Bell--the bell is used to signal the beginning and end of rituals, chants, etc.

Some of the items missing from this setup include the cauldron, herbs, crystals, and any extra candles or items that you would deem necessary for a ritual you are performing such as representing the elements. Here are some pictures of other altar setups.

As you can see there many different ways to setup your altar. You can either go "by the book", along with your tradition, or you may move things around as you see fit.

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