Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Having a Familiar

Right now I'm sitting on my bed with my intelligent black kitten, Onyx. I adopted him a couple of weeks ago from a kill shelter. I wanted to save an animal's life and I wanted a companion. He's the most wonderful cat a Witch could ever ask for. Just so everyone knows I didn't choose him because he was all black. As a matter of fact he's the one who chose me. I saw him for the first time back in the beginning of July. After taking him out of his cage he immediately showed me affection and began climbing over my shoulders and rubbing his head on my cheeks.

Unfortunately, I could not adopt him on the first day I saw him. Two weeks later I went back after moving into my new house. Of course I didn't think he'd still be there but there he was, in a different cage, staring up at me and remembering who I was. I took him out of his cage and he immediately began to purr and rub on me and licked my face. I took him home that day.

He's definitely special. His eyes tell me that he knows exactly what's going on when he watches my rituals from outside the Circle. He follows my hands when I read tarot cards. Even now, he's sitting in my lap watching me type this on my computer.

Familiars were believed to be spirits or entities associated with Witches. They appear in the form of animal guides which can range from cats to dogs to toads. In some countries these spirits are guiding figures while others would compare them to demons.

The Love Potion by Evelyn De Morgan

Some people may not wish or see a need to have a familiar but others may want to build that psychic connection and strengthen their rituals/spells by incorporating their familiar as an animal spirit. Personally, my cat and I already know a substantial amount about each other even after only being together for this short time.

Animals are a part of Mother Earth and are a Witch's best friend. It's definitely something to think about!

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