Saturday, August 9, 2014

Simple Moon Ritual: Honoring Hecate

I've been dwelling on the Goddess Hecate for the past couple of weeks and something is telling me that it's time to pay my respects towards the Mother of Witchcraft. While meditating on these thoughts, I decided to put together a simple ritual that would be both relaxing and powerful.

First, I'd like to say a little about Hecate and the wonders of the Moon Goddess. Personally, I believe she's one of the most influential and powerful Goddesses around. She has rule over the Earth, sea, and sky and was worshiped in Athenian households as a power of protection. Also, she is associated with the waning moon and particularly the dark moon where she can be called upon in the most powerful way. She's associated with crossroads and it's said that if you find three roads that meet, all with a different street name, that Hecate resides there. That place may be used as a place of power. For more about this special Goddess, click here. Another great resource can be located here.

Here's what you will need for the ritual:

*Three Black Candles
*Mugwort (herb or incense)
*Bowl of Water and Sea Salt
*Materials to Create Your Circle

Once you have cleansed the area and established your sacred space, arrange your altar with the above materials. Place the black candles in a triangle pattern with the point of the triangle farthest away from you facing North. Place your pentacle in the center of this triangle of candles and place your cauldron upon it. Cleanse all items in the ritual with the elements. Place the bowl of water to the West outside of the triangle and the bowl of salt to the East also on the outside perimeter. You may place the stone where you see fit.

The mugwort, an herb of Hecate, will be placed in the cauldron to be burned. While the mugwort burns, light the three black candles clockwise. As they burn, breathe in the scent of the mugwort and meditate on the purpose of the ritual, to become in tune with Hecate and her power. Place the moonstone in the bowl of water and place a pinch of salt to cleanse it of negative energy. Hold the stone in your hand and fill it with the power of Hecate. You may use this power for any purpose whether it be for protection or a spell.

Once the ritual has finished you may open the Circle and give the water, salt, and herb to the Earth to honor the Great Goddess.

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