Friday, March 22, 2013

Taking Care of Your Candles

Most of us use quite a bit of candles during rituals, ceremonies, spells, meditation, etc. We use the energy from the candle and most of us just toss them away. Some of us reuse the melted wax and others even release the melted wax in running water which is what I try to do for the most part. Sometimes I reuse the wax to make new candles if it came from a candle that was not enclosed in glass or a tea lite.

Candles do a lot for us. They represent the element of fire. They light the darkness so that we may see. They expend their beautiful energy for us to make our spells and rituals powerful. Their colors represent our emotions and many other things. They give their life so that we may make ours a little better than it was before. So, personally, I think that we should take care of them and thank them for their devoted services and life.

Every now and then (probably about once a week) I take all my candles out of the drawer they're in and I set them on my floor. I handle them gently and tenderly, as if they were children. I have many candles, tea lites to pillars, short to tall, every color of the rainbow, scented and unscented. Our candles take care of us so we should take care of them.

The better care you take care of your candles, the better they will take care of you.

Candles are a significant part of rituals and spells. They aid us in our intentions of the Will. By caring for your candles they will work better for you and produce the most energy. When I take them out, I look over them. Some of the candles have been outside in the woods with me for rituals so I clean them with salt water. Then I charge them and cleanse all of them for the next time they are to be used. Once I've finished, I place them back where they belong till they are ready for use.

Not everyone does this, or has time for this, or necessarily has to do this with their candles. However, my candles are lovely and I intend to keep them that way. When they have burned out their last breath, I try to release the wax in running water and tell that last pieces of that candle "thank you".

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