Monday, March 11, 2013

Things to Do on A New Moon

So tonight is a New Moon and you know what that means! It means it's a time of new beginnings. This is a time to set new goals or revamp your old ones. Here are a few things you can do on the new moon.
  • Set some new goals! These may either be short term or long term. They can help you get motivated in the times to come. Try making a list of these goals and putting it in a place where you will always see it as a reminder of what you have accomplished and what needs to be accomplished.
  • Honor the Crone! For those who follow the three aspects of the Goddess, the New Moon is representative of the Crone aspect. She is the embodiment of wisdom.
  • Rid yourself of negativity! To make way for your new beginning, what better way than to cleanse yourself of the negativity that clings to you? Do a sage cleansing or scraping off of negativity.
  • Become more in tune with nature! Take a nice long walk through nature tonight and breathe in some of the fresh air. If it's raining then crack a window open or keep the blinds open to let in some of the beauty of nature from outside.
  • Cast a spell! The new moon is a good time to try for new job opportunities, good fortunes, and prosperity.
  • Meditation and Grounding! Try giving a little back to the Earth. Meditate on a green or brown candle and send some of your love and energy back into the dark soil to help with growth and rejuvenation.
  • Do a Ritual! Do a ritual for cleansing, purification, or new beginnings. Make it specific to your needs!
Stay safe on this New Moon and Blessed Be! )O(

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