Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Simple Solitary Ostara Ritual

Here's a simple ritual that everyone can do to celebrate Ostara or the Spring Equinox! But first, here's a little history on Ostara.

Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, is normally celebrated between March 20th-23rd depending on the year. It is said that the origin of the word Ostara comes from the word Eostre, which is the name for the Germanic Goddess of Spring. Coincidentally, it's also around the same time as Easter and Passover.

Ostara is the time for new crops and the emergence of buds from their seeds in the fertile soil. It's representative of fertility, growth, and renewal. The colors for the season can be seen in dyed eggs that are pastel colors like pink and light green. The animal that is associated with this time of the year is the hare. The reason for this is because of their fertility.

Knowing what the Pagan holiday means will help you in preparing for the ritual. Before you begin the ritual, I would suggest to meditate the principles of Ostara: fertility, growth, and renewal.

Simple Solitary Ostara Ritual

What you will need:
Dyed Eggs
Light Green Altar Cloth
Representations of the 4 Elements (water, salt, red candle, incense)
Candles for the 4 Quarters
Athame or Wand
Small pot
Seeds for your choice of plant
Chalice and plate for Cake
Cauldron filled with soil
All other altar tools, statues, etc.

First, set up your sacred space by cleansing it with sage and decorate your altar according to the season. The dyed eggs will be placed on the altar for decoration and to represent fertility and abundance. Be sure to have all these items on your altar or somewhere within your Circle for access. Once you have finished cleansing your space and setting up your altar you may cast your Circle. (Reference How to Cast A Ritual Circle)

Once completed, recognize the Lord and Lady of the Sabbat and light a candle in their honor. You may want to say something while doing this. After doing so, say:

"On this day of the Spring Equinox, I recognize the changing of the seasons and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This is a new day, the day of Ostara and birth of life from the darkness of the soil."

At this time, place your Athame or Wand into the soil of the cauldron and say:

"I charge this soil of Earth with positive energy, the energy of the God and the Goddess, so what springs forth from it shall be positive and be a product of their love. It shall grow and thrive and follow the cycle of life. So mote it be."

Take your trowel and shovel soil into the pot till it is about halfway full. Take the seeds and place them upon the soil and shovel more dirt over them. As you plant them, meditate on their meaning. Think of them as goals for this year that you wish to bloom. After you have finished say:

"With these seeds shall come life from the darkness into the light and so shall my goals. So mote it be."

Finish the ritual with the Rite of Cakes and Wine. Try a natural bread with fruit and water or juice.

Open the Circle and thank the God, Goddess, and each Guardian/Watchtower.

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