Monday, February 25, 2013

Things To Do During A Full Moon

Here are a few simple things you can do to make your Full Moon experience magickal!
  • Cleanse and recharge your crystals! (What I like to do is place them in a large bowl of water for purification and add sea salt to absorb the negativity. Then I say a little prayer over them and leave them out on my windowsill for the night to absorb the energy from the moon)
  • Do divination! (This would be a good time for tarot card readings, rune stone readings, and crystal ball readings. If you have a new set of tarot cards or rune stones, this would be a great time to become acquainted with them!)
  •  Try this! If you have a moonstone, use it during meditation to induce visions of your past lives! It can also aid you in seeing visions of your future.
  • Take a relaxing salt bath to help put in a peaceful state of mind and cleanse your body! It will help balance your energies and help maintain emotional health. Try adding Lavender!
  • Meditate upon a white candle to help gain insight and perspective and reduce your level of stress!
  • Do a ritual! Perform a ritual to aid you in good fortune, health, love or happiness!
  • Prayer! Thank the God and Goddess for all the things they have done for you!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Full Moon experience! Blessed be! )O( 


  1. This is some great information, thank you for sharing!

    I bought a new deck of tarot not all that long ago and sometimes I feel as though the deck calls out to me.



    1. Well I'm glad you enjoy the information I post. I hope it's useful. I have two tarot decks that I use. I treat them like they're real people lol