Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wisdom & War

Wisdom &War

Bred within the body of wisdom
and birthed from the skull of thunder,
favored by Zeus in the Olympic Kingdom
arose a Goddess of perfect wonder.

A warrior of justice and strategy skills,
of strength and honor conceived.
Sacred guardian of the hero’s will,
their fates she gracefully weaves.

Aegis, shield, and spear in hand
the keys to thunder she possesses,
and as her heroes take their stands
her coveted love she expresses.

With superior intellect came victory
against an uncle of powerful worth.
A bitter well sprung in competitory
as an olive rose from the Earth.

Giving sustenance to humanity,
thus conquering mortal faith.
To be named after that great city,
for Athens was divined by your grace.

An ancient Goddess ruled her world
with justice in Earth’s arena.
And through this world did unfurl
the heroics of the Goddess Athena.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you!

    1. Well thanks for reading! I love writing poetry. I wrote this one over a year ago.